Why the forgotten 1974 Pontiac GTO is worthy of the name

Muscle car buffs can be thankful that Pontiac never put the GTO badge on anything but V8-powered, rear-drive cars. Even if the 2004-2006 GTO was an Australian import with a Corvette motor, it still fit the proper format and, as a bonus, was the best-performing GTO ever.

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These were great cars on their own with great performance. Since Pontiac blocks are identical you can easily upgrade to a 400, 428 or 455. I dropped a 455 in mine after I blew the 350 up and it was a blast to drive. I also had the rare Tent and Go Camping option, which was perfect for car shows. My youngest daughter had a lot of fun with the tent option creating displays with her American Girl dolls.

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Very nice car! Love your daughter’s display!

Hilarious AND cool!!!

They copied the Nova. Big mistake