Why the Volkswagen Beetle is still a cultural icon after 80 years


During Volkswagen’s Los Angeles auto show press conference this week, Volkswagen of America’s new president & CEO Scott Keogh bragged that the VW Group would, globally, have 25 full battery-electric vehicles by 2025. But even as he enthusiastically showed the audience a video of the VW I.D. R electric-powered race car—which set a Pikes Peak record last summer—to illustrate the company’s fierce devotion to the future of electric propulsion, he was gesturing to a mint-condition 1964 Beetle sitting on the edge of the stage and reminiscing about his childhood, when his parents would stuff all five Keogh children into the family Bug. That’s right, seven people in a Bug. Scott and his sister were stuffed into the cargo shelf behind the rear seat.

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