Why this STI from 1998 stole the spotlight at Subaru’s Detroit reveal


Subaru’s big reveal at the 2019 Detroit auto show this year was something American enthusiasts have long lusted after—a vaunted S-line performance model built by STI. The 341-hp WRX STI S209 is the ultimate expression of Subaru’s performance heritage, and in the past such models were never offered in North America. Right on stage with the S209 was a clear reminder of that fact: the legendary 1998 Subaru Impreza STi 22B. And even after the cover came off of the new car, the gorgeous 22B still stole the show.

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It was too bad Subaru didn’t send the B22 to America, but I have the next best thing, my 1998 2.5 RS serial number xxxx400212 produced on the morning of the first day of production in June 1997 is one of only 1600 manufactured (one for each dealer) for the '98 model year. What a great car…no turbo, nothing special, 165 hp from 150 cid was quite remarkable in it’s day. Those 16" gold wheels and that big wing on the back still turn heads today.