Wild 36-car Corvette barn find to be given away in charity sweepstakes

Chris Mazzilli remembers well the day he first saw maybe the greatest barn find in Corvette history. The hair stood up on his arms as he witnessed 36 grime-coated cars dwelling beneath the dim light of a Manhattan parking garage.

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How do you enter this sweepstakes??

@rlbipi - One can enter at CorvetteHeroes.com

I just tried to enter and the contestant is open to residents of every state but Oregon. AAARRGH! That you for the link none the less.

Read the contest rules, especially rule 12. They explicitly retain the right to share/sell/whatever and information you give them, including email, address, etc. They ask for your birth date, which they told me you don’t have to fill out if you check that you are over 18, and they claim they don’t retain credit card information, but that rule is pretty broad about what they can do with your information. Not sure I’m comfortable enough with that to enter the contest.

Nice article Ben…

Cars originally won in a sweepstakes now going through another sweepstakes. This is like Groundhog Day for these Corvettes.

So I just bought a couple tickets. I’m blown away by the fact they don’t have a 36 ticket option! Who’s the marketing geniuses that missed that opportunity? 36 Vettes/36 Tickets…

csI5, To address your concern of shared information I present to you the Prepaid Visa Card. I keep one for things like this. They can share all they like. Nothing except a phone number is staying with me.

What is the promo name?

@littlebnbigg - I don’t think I understand your question. The website to enter is Corvetteheros.com

On the web site they want a “promo name” to buy tickets. What do I enter?

@littlebnbigg - From what I see, a promo name is not required to purchase tickets. That is available if you have a promotional code that might discount the tickets, unfortunately I don’t have a code for that!

Sorry, when I saw the promo field I assumed it was required. You’re right. Just hit the number of tickets & it goes right through. Thanks sorry I bothered you.


@littlebnbigg - Not a problem! Glad you entered, hope you feel inclined to share if you win!