Will Brexit break England’s car business?


Britain’s awkward relationship with the rest of Europe has always been much more distant than the 21 miles of sea that separate England and France. Proof came in a referendum in June 2016, when the UK voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union (EU), the sizable political and economic bloc that offers frictionless movement of people, goods, and money among its member states. The divorce is due to be formalized on March 29, 2019. At the moment, both sides are still arguing strongly over the silverware and who will get custody of what.

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Does anyone really think it would be bad for the UK to go back to driving domestically manufactured cars? National sovereignty is infinitely more important than the selfish economic interests of any short-sighted parties.


This idea shouldn’t be solely for the UK.


…if they cribbed notes from the Germans while they were building cars owned by them, sure, maybe the Brits could pull it off. But if they just go back to the reliability and quality standards they tried to sell us in 1970’s, yeah that’s a bad idea.


??? what world are you living in? Look around, how many Hyundai / Kia’s did you see today? Why? Because it’s about bang for the buck to most people, they’re not thinking about “national sovereignty” - who is? Like it or not we are global and have to deal with it. I’d prefer those cars didn’t exist but they do - and their design is painfully good. What does that say about “domestic” car companies we look to for inspiration? To whit, the lovely Jaguars (talking about design not quality) produced by Tata, following decades of yuck from Jag and Ford / Jag. Oh well.