Will Japanese classics be the future kings of the collector car industry?


Mitsubishi recently teased us with a new crossover concept that carries an all-electric drivetrain, signifying Mitsubishi’s commitment to the technology. It packs coupe-like styling as an SUV, very much in style right now. And it’s a departure from any current Mitsubishi.

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Appreciate the author’s take and attention. But fans and owners of these cars aren’t all millennials. I’m a relatively old boomer but was a young adult when the 80’s decade started. As a result nostalgic interest is strong. What does seems generational to me is what is considered sporty. I still think they shouldn’t have more than two doors…and even better, just two seats. Millennials aren’t as particular. They harbor no prejudice for 4 doors, nor do they seem to need the car to be as “all original” as us old folks in order to be as desirable/collectible.


Will Japanese Classics be the Future Kings?
Hail-no. Not an iota of chance in my home.
I loved, loved my Gen 1 Mazda RX-7, and admired every Datsun/Nissan Z car in neighbor’s driveways when they were cool. I pitied the Toyota MR cars because of their weird wedgey shape, not their performance, and that was obviously personal preference.
But, look at any American classic, or even British classics (sorry French cars, not gonna happen) and see the devout love and sweat that the program teams at every level put into their cars and you end up with Corvettes, Camaros, Mopars, Mustangs and the list is endless - even a couple of AMCs. And, that doesn’t even count the notable English (Triumph, etc.) and German (Mercedes) hobby cars.
The Japs had some bright SPOTS but nowhere near the entire spotlight, that’s for sure. Plus, they had an “emperor” (who killed a lot of Americans trying to conquer the world, not a “King” as headlined in your article…


LOL…yeah the British Kings and the French Emperors were ALWAYS great guys.

Well, there is this—->

Mostly American iron but one close to my heart at #3 and a couple models from a country that once had a Fuhrer. Interestingly, none from that King country…or even a country that had a Czar.


To say that program teams in non-domestic companies dont put any passion into their products outside of these “bright spots” is foolish. Soichiro Honda was so passionate that when the VP’s at GM said that the CVCC technology Honda invented was a gimmick and would never work on a big american car, he bought an Impala and shipped it to Japan. Then his engineers spent a few weeks designing new cylinder heads to prove it would work. And it did. They shipped them back to the US and had the EPA run the cars without catalytic converters and they performed more efficiently.


Agreed. And to developed a revolutionary engine after GM passed on it to the point of winning Le Mans requires “passion”. This, while most domestic manufacturers were still working on the challenge of FWD.