Will Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Road Rage?

Everyday there are news reports about violent road range incidents. People punching out people. People shooting people. So my question is, when most cars are able to drive themselves, will self-driving cars eliminate road rage? After all, you can’t get mad at the “idiot” driver in another vehicle if there is no driver behind the wheel. Food for thought.

Interesting thought experiment.

I say no. So long as there is more than one manufacturer of driverless pods (which there had better be, otherwise monopoly) there will always be a person who is “right” yelling at someone who is “wrong” even if that is based on the driverless pod they chose.

It will likely quell some of the extreme examples though. Which is a good thing.

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But, who then is responsible for the road transgressions, especially ones that end in accidents?

The people who bought self driving cars in the first place.

Have you seen the movie space odyssey 2001? Hal had some serious issues, now imagine more than 2 of those things on the road…

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Good thoughts Kyle,unlikely it will change human nature my take is that if it were a older generation such as in my golden age that thrust into a pod such as you describe it would be easier to dole out retribution to those that P.O you not having to concentrate on driving while cussing and hand gestures or worse,that said its unlikely that the generation that will be riding around in that mode of transport would look up from their electronic devices or the big screen tv they are watching.Rob

I agree. Have you ever heard the old proverb “every wicked man is right in his own mind”? I think road rage could be considered a very good example of that proverb being true.