Will the 8-series BMWs ever be collectible?


Hey, Colin –

From your elevated position above the classic-car market, do you see any recent recognition in the market for the 840 and 850 models from 1991-1997? I know the Ci and CSi are on the collector-car radar already, but not so the base “i” models.

Hagerty mentioned these a year or so ago in a story about up-and-coming under-valued sleepers, but haven’t begun to track them yet in their valuation section.

And as far as I can tell, values have declined steadily until very recently, when they seemed to have finally stopped falling.

I simply don’t understand: great brand, still-attractive lines (with a front clip taken from the M-1), pretty limited availability, good ones for sale all over the country at something like 10-15 percent of their original (inflation-adjusted) lofty prices – whew, it just seems like people are missing something here.



Hi Rich,

Yes we have been watching the E31s closely- including the 850i. They certainly seem to have reached the bottom of their “just a used car” values and are now inching up the “collector car” ladder and starting to appreciate. As you note they are really attractive, top-of-the line cars from the era and their styling is just as appealing today. The only factor that could hold them back, like any technically complex old car, is a dwindling parts supply and the expense of keeping one in top running order. But, I agree, for somebody willing to find a great one and do what it takes to maintain it as such they offer a lot of bang for the buck- and some potential upside to boot.




Thanks, Colin. Glad I’m not out there alone in appreciating this model Bimmer.

Is it true that BMW continues to supply parts for all of its models? Heard that somewhere, but it seems unlikely, in this world of car companies being run by accountants…