Winners and losers: Multi-carb induction setups


The added complication of multiple carburetors is quickly eclipsed by the visual cool factor they bring to the underhood setup. Sure, getting them dialed in and the engine running perfectly can take sensei-like patience and experience, but once enlightenment (or at least balance) has been achieved the driving experience is worth it.

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What says “Loser” about stump pulling torque? I don’t have a Long ram car, but what I’ve been told is the set up works very well, and I think it looks great.


@drm101 - It’s certainly not the worst looking manifold, but in my opinion it looks goofy. Since you can get similar power numbers from a more traditional manifold, I don’t see any reason to utilize the long ram setup.


I have a 63 300 J with the rams. Sure, lots of torque can come from normal intake manifolds but, the wow factor? The noise? Hard to beat that in my opinion.


I would guess that the author has never driven a Chrysler product with the long-ram intake.
t was engineered for a reason. Remember “horsepower sells cars, torque wins races” , goofy ?.