Winter Roach Vehicles


I realize most of if not all on this forum are well healed folks at this time but some in your younger years like myself had a nice summer ride that we would not put out on the road in the winter (region depending) so what kinds of vehicles filled in the gap that were most memorable.I would cruise the backs of the used car lots at our local dealers and try and pick up a beater for the winter which i would flog off in the late spring,1976 Caddy sedan de ville rusty and musty but a great winter beater,on another occasion i picked up a early seventys Pontiac Catalina and was amazed at its ability in the snow put it up for sale in the spring and a local came peaked at it and the build numbers and took it away found out later it had a posi diff he needed badly.Today our F 350 and Vette stay home Nov 1 thru May 1 and a Jeep Grand Cherokee fills in not exactly a roach but Iam after all a senior LOL.R


I use a 1998 Chevy 1500 that I purchased as a non-runner from a dealer. Threw a distributor cap on it and it drove home! It is truly a beater with a heater, but I have grown to love having the 8’ in the driveway the rest of the year too.

It seems to drink a decent amount of coolant, the check engine light will stay off for roughly two weeks before returning with its warm orange glow, and its sheetmetal is disappearing at an accelerating rate. The interior is nice though and most everything works. It’s a perfect I-don’t-want-to-have-to-care-about-it truck.


Hi Rob, thanks for telling us about your winter beaters! We Michiganders are no strangers to dedicated winter cars. Like yourself, I too picked up a big ole American car to fill that need - A beat up, 170k mile 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis. It cost me about $1000 and currently sits on a set of old snow tires that are about 1.5 sizes too small for it, giving it a pretty comical lowrider vibe.

The only thing it’s really asked of me, so far, is a new set of coils. The $42 pack of 8 from Amazon worked perfectly.


Perfect coach for them nasty MI winters if someone slides into you at the drive thru you just laugh.R