With multiple 2006 Ford GTs at the same auction, patience pays off


What happens when multiple copies of the same rare car go up for auction at the same time? The law of supply and demand still hold true, it turns out. For evidence, let’s look at the three 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition coupes that sold at Barrett-Jackson’s 2019 Scottsdale auction. Only 343 of these cars, sporting classic Gulf blue-and-orange paint scheme, were made.

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If I was there and trying to get one of these cars I’d probably be thinking “better get my hands on the ‘high-mileage’ one before the next two get bid even higher”. Maybe that’s what Barrett-Jackson was thinking would happen too (each GT would sell for more than the one before). This outcome is eye-opening and mind boggling. I guess the lesson is if you’ve got a choice of several similar cars at an auction wait for the one you really want.


I am hoping the first buyer enjoys driving the GT while the other owners look at theirs in the garage.


Smart, Brian 4, to further and rapidly devalue the GT with even more miles…that’s what they make Mustangs and Corvettes for.
These are low production, fairly rare high caliber collector cars if handled right. They can also be trashed and devalued, it’s the owners choice.
When’s the last time you got 3x your cost for a car, or anything else you own, Brian?


@mj.terrafina - There are investors and there are drivers. Nothing wrong with being one or the other. No need to tear down someone who would love to see a finely tuned car driven.


The pompous is strong in you @mj.terrafina. Are you a PCA member?
Doing my gazinta’s on the first one…the highest selling one, and factoring buyers premium, transport, storage, listing, taxes and insurance it doesn’t seem like even that seller made a lot over three years given the risk. Not even close to 300% return. Probably not even 10%…maybe 5%. At my slightly advanced age I might be tempted to just enjoy the car too.