With this customized tool kit, Tim McNair perfects the world’s most exclusive concours cars

I’m a detailer and a tool nerd. My services can take a 94-point car and make it a 98 for the ogling eyes of judges and spectators. But I don’t simply detail clients’ cars. I provide mild restorations, so I need a variety of specialized tools. Sometimes the best ones come from outside the detailing industry. I scour the aisles of hobby stores, shop online, and borrow tools from my model-building workbench. Whatever it takes. I can perform my light restorations anywhere: museums, garages, hotel parking lots, concours greens. Day or night. In any given week, I might be working on three cars in three different states, so I need an easy and safe way to transport my tools. I’ve spent years developing my portable workstation, which consists of seven Tanos boxes lined with Kaizen foam. When I arrive at a job site, I stack my layers on top of one another and roll the tower around on a cart that doubles as a vacuum.

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Bookmarking this one. Great stuff :+1:t4:

I want to see this vacuum that doubles as a cart. And, do you fly all over the US with this gear checked as baggage, or do you drive there?

The Vacuum is made by Festool as a sanding dust extractor. This version is the SYSVAC with a cart, it’s low and light with no loss of power. All of their vacuums have technology to attach Festool or Tanos boxes on top.

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