Would you trade a big block Corvette for an Olds diesel?


From: Cars & Parts, June 1979 Price then: $14,000 invested ($47,400 adjusted for inflation) Price now: $49,700 - $143,000 Approximate dollar difference: $95,600 Annual rate of return: 3%

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To me the ad reads he is interested in selling outright or trading for a new Oldsmobile OR a diesel pick-up. Not a diesel Oldsmobile per say. Whatever the case may be, in 1979 not many people including the seller were foreseeing a big block Corvette let alone the L89 being a highly sought after collectible in the future. With the oil embargo and gasoline prices skyrocket… plenty of people were shedding their big block gas guzzlers. I’m sure he had his reasons for selling it so writing an article about how bad of a decision he made is highly subjective and shouldn’t be misconstrued as a bad decision as it was the right decision for the seller at that time. Knowing what we know today about its current value is irrelevant when looking back on old ads. Not apples to apples.


@luc6189 Since both Oldsmobile cars and GM trucks could be had with a the 5.7L Oldsmobile diesel at that time, and GM being the only mainstream, American OEM in the late 70s offering a diesel, it reads to me that they were looking for either with a diesel. Which is still a horrendously weak and unreliable engine (I speak from experience). The aim of this column is to use the gift of hindsight and discuss the investment potential, nothing else. From that standpoint, an L89 Corvette is a good buy. With a GM diesel in the 70s, nobody wins. People have been pitching those engines and replacing them with gas engines for decades, and the ones still left original are near worthless. It is hard not to conclude it was a bad decision based off of that.