X7-based BMW pickup concept is the perfect way to transport your Beemer bike

For the 2019 edition of BMW's annual Motorrad Days celebration of the firm's two-wheel products, the company brought out a BMW F 850 GS adventure motorcycle—carried in the bed of a one-of-a-kind BMW X7 pickup truck. The one-off was fabricated by trainees at the BMW Group Vocational Training center in Munich.

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I truky hate these fake pickup trucks. While I would certainly like to see smaller trucks than the usual F250 giants, a converted sedan is not the way to go. The base car lacks the infrastructure to adequately handle the weight of a full size motorcycle, not to mention the length. Look at how the bike is placed in the truck; on the centerstand with the front wheel turned. It must be on the stand because the tail gate cannot support the weight. There are no tie downs and in all likelihood, no way to safely transport a 500 pound motorcycle. Definitely not the perfect way to transport your Beemer. Either build a real truck or leave it to others, but don’t tease with an unsafe concept.

As adsinger correctly points out, a BMW motorcycle is a Beemer. A BMW car is a Bimmer. I also agree that this X-7 concept is not a very good way to transport your Beemer. I suspect it would be even worse at transporting a Bimmer!

@thetossedtool and @adsinger - Good eye, we missed up our slang. We’ll get it corrected now.

The shrinking bed/gargantuan cab trend is beyond dumb. The El Camino, Ford Ranchero, Holden Ute, even the long-gone Rabbit-based VW Pickup had 6’ + beds…and were perfectly capable of toting a motorcycle of reasonable size, as well as being low enough to not require a stepladder to board.

I want a new version of the old VW, dammit. The Hyundai Santa Cruz looked promising for a hot minute, but corporate clumsiness is removing it from even potential relevancy. May have to settle for a bootleg Holden.

They’ve taken prickup trucks to an alltime low with a bed that isn’t big enough to use as a BED !

This goofy poser “pickup” isn’t big enough to haul the man-bun cosmetics the driver needs.

OH, and the whole Bimmer/Beemer thing is also so man-bun douchey. It’s BEE MW, so…I call my 2002 a BEEmer. Bimmer just sounds so douchey. There, I’ve said it.

So, it’s not the first one and maybe it’ll be used within the company.
On April Fools’ Day 2011, BMW announced the BMW M3 ute/pickup (which was called a “ute” by the Australian media and a “pickup” by the UK and US media).[16][17][18] This vehicle was based on the E93 Convertible and featured a structured aluminum pickup bed and removable targa roof. It was created by BMW’s M Division as a one-off workshop transport vehicle for use within the company.[19]


Looks like you may soon have it.

Volkswagen teases the Tarok pickup truck for the U.S. at New York Auto Show


Anyone that has a bike knows that it cannot be loaded like that for travel…On the center stand, really?

@david5 - I agree. It shows how out of touch the team photographing that set-up is that they did that. On the other hand though, I have witnessed bikes secured down in some very interesting ways over the years–some of which make this look absolutely safe.

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The length of the Tarok bed is UNDER 4 feet. That’s ridiculous.

No, thank you.

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I whole heartedly agree with richardreau on his take on the Man Bun Mobile. The geek that drives that thing doesn’t get near motorcycles. Furthermore I’ve been driving machines from a Bavarian manufacturer for 45 years. Guess what? they were (are) BEEMERS. Never did know what the Bimmer nonsense was about! And yes, the word Bimmer looks AND sounds douchy.