XKE Jaguar Barn Find - They still exist!


A close friend of mine, Richard, called me last week and he was very excited.
A little background to set the scene first:
Richard is a real car guy living in North Carolina. He has owned quite a few cars over the years I have known him. I believe he currently has two XKE Jags, a series 2 and a series 3. He also has a Buick Grand National that has all the goodies. I have owned a 1965 Series 1 XKE for over 30 years, but that is another story. Richard is always networking with people from many professions, but he really loves cars. About a year ago he told me that he met a retired engineer, Ron, at a Jag club meeting. Ron likes to “tinker” with Jags as a hobby. Richard and I have had Ron do some mechanical work on our Jags. Ron works from his home garage and driveway, so it’s usually 1 Jag at a time. That should set the scene.
So a few weeks ago, Ron called Richard. He said that a neighbor of his stopped by his house and explained that she and her sister had recently lost their dad, who had been living in a nursing home for some time. She said that she noticed that Ron worked on Jaguars and was wondering if he might know someone who might be interested in buying her dad’s Jaguar that has been sitting in his garage for 37 years.
When Richard got Ron’s call, he flew over to the garage to find a 1967 Series 1, original owner, XKE. The car had last been inspected in 1979. It has the original spare tire, a factory hardtop, and every accessory that was available at the time the car was new. It is even sporting a CB antenna.
Hard to believe, but when air was pumped into the flattened tires, they all held.
When the deal was done, the car was loaded and headed home with Richard.
So there you have it, a survivor car without any damage to the body, and very original.
This car was sitting in a garage for 37 years only 10 miles from Richard’s house.
You never know…
(Sorry, since this is my first post, I am only allowed to submit 1 picture)


Richard really had a stroke of luck to get that car. The first thing I noticed was the factory hardtop.

I wish him well. I’d love to see a photo of the car all cleaned up.


Richard is a really good guy and deserved the lucky break. I’m sure he will baby the car back to running condition.xke1967
I’ll post his progress when he sends me updates. Thanks!


Keep us updated, this is an unbelievable find!