Y-block Throttle Linkage


Trying to fit a tri-power to my very sweet, low mileage 57Skyliner.

With the factory automatic transmission, there is a spring loaded bellcrank on the linkage, that operates the (TV) throttle valve that give the signal for shift points to the transmission. From what I understand, it regulates the pressure within the transmission, but I don’t know much more about the transmissions theory of operation beyond that.

He lies the problem, when I push down on the throttle pedal I can get it to go down only as far as the other two carbs kicking in. In essence, it only gives me half throttle. I pulled the shaft spring off of one of the secondary carbs, but it’s still too tight. I was thinking that I want the arms on the bellcrank and the operable arm on the primary carb to be longer, so as ti\o give more leverage. This means that I need to coordinate the linkage lengths, throws, etc, so I can still get wide open throttle.

The primary carb uses a nice little spring to close, and the one spring left on the aft carb does not seem excessively taunt to me.

I have a longer Holley 94 arm I got from Speedway, so I’m thinking about having someone that’s a better welder than me, weld a piece of bar stock on the bellcrank, so I can get more umpfh on the pedal. I really can’t go to a Lokar style kickdown setup, because the TV rod pushed, not pulls.

Does this sound like a workable plan? Anyone have a beeter idea, besides abandoning my automatic transmission, or a 4-speed?