Yes, $1 million for a Beetle is nonsense


A million-dollar Beetle. Kick that around in your head for a bit. That’s right, someone in Portland, Oregon, is asking $1,000,000 for a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle on Hemmings. Even if it’s the world’s cleanest, lowest-mileage example, that asking price is pure fantasy.

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Sorry to all of the VW Beetle fans out there, but I can EASILY think of A LOT of cars and trucks (or even a small collection of them) that I’d rather have than ONE low mileage VW.


@johnvukovichjr - I’m with you on that, but I so see the value in a low mileage preserved car like this. I just don’t see that many zeros in the value.


I’m perfectly happy to let someone else gather up all of the ultra-original / low mileage cars & trucks out there and for them to preserve them for future generations while bragging about their “worth”.
I’d much rather have something with a handful of flaws or “incorrect” parts that also have some great memories attached to them!
I could tell you a hundred stories of things that I’ve done with my replica Bluesmobile that would mortify the guys and gals with the super-original Hemi cars, but I guarantee that WE and our guests had more FUN.