“Youngtimer” cars are here to stay, and these are the sales that prove it


Step aside, Boomers, and make room for Generation X, as the cars your kids dreamed about driving become collectible.

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The lack of proofreading these days is sad and even sadder when an error is in the title of an article.


@jean_arks - Thanks for reading and pointing out the error. We are fixing right now!


These are cars for young timers with big bucks…
For those of us trying to max our retirement accounts, 529 accounts, pad our savings, save up to pay cash for our daily drivers, pay off the mortgage(s)… there are some great choices in the sub $15,000 category. Heck even fun vehicles in the $5,000 range.


I am from the Gen X generation and I don’t like or relate to any of these cars.


Novabjovi…I agree with you. I am a generation X guy and I can’t relate to any of those cars.