Your 6 favorite racing drivers

Rain master, The King, the Big Eagle. The best drivers are not only decorated, unrelenting competitors; they’re captivating personalities and intuitive mechanics with both natural and acquired instincts for their cars. If it has four wheels on the ground—most of the time anyway—these drivers know how to make it dance.

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Paddy Hopkirk! Timo Mäkinen! These guys were machines back in the day.

I’m still in favor of Phil Hill, the only American-born driver to win the F1 World Championship. (And plenty successful otherwise, too.)

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Though my first choice was Foyt, my close second would be Graham Hill.
F1 champion and Indy 500 winner, plus numerous other wins.
But his laconic personal style meant he was never going to be as mediagenic as some other drivers.

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You do realize that the picture that purports to show Jimmy Clark actually has Graham Hill as the lead car. Clark is actually in the third car, the #6. I know there are boatloads of pictures of Clark and his Lotus, I can’t imagine how you substituted this one instead.


No mention of Michael Schumacher?

Please cancel my subscription.

You are missing two of the greatest drivers of all time Tazio Nuvolari and Juan Manuel Fangio.


You have to have Phil Hill, first American to win F1 championship. He was also pretty versatile with other circuits. Jackie Stewart, not only because of his F1 championships but for his dedication and major contributions to safety for the sport itself. Is not safety an important part of driving? Nikki Lauda for his fierce yet classy competitiveness, especially considering how he made a quick comeback after his horrific, fiery crash. Tony Stewart is the gladiator of drivers; I mean who else will race Indy 500 and fly to Charlotte to do the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 only a couple hours later.

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El Maestro was the greatest of all time. You can debate that but if there is a list of more than one person he is on it.

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This was done by members’ votes, so certainly the age demographic and U.S. perspective must have had something to do with the results.

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Stirling Moss? Phil Hill? Ken Miles? … or Juan Manuel Fangio?

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Stirling Moss! (I even had an Aurora race car set he endorsed)

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I attended the rain-soaked Monaco Grand Prix in '84. Senna had the lead until lap 33 when Prost pulled ahead. As soon as a Frenchman had taken the lead, the race was called “due to rain.” It was disgusting.

Well Mario Andretti - Croatian born - was the last American Citizen to win the F1 Championship in 1978. He still rocks the crowd at Indy festivities!

Oh the legend of the '84 Monaco GP…
Senna had not lead the race at all. Prost had led most of it until he had engine troubles and was passed by Mansell, who crashed soon after.
It is questionable that Senna would have won the race. He had suspension damage that would have caused him to retire soon after the race was stopped. He was also being caught up by Stefan Bellof, who was faster than both Prost and Senna.
Prost actually was harmed by the early race stoppage. He only scored 4.5 points, instead of the then-usual 9, for his win because the race was called early. Had he finished 2nd of a full race, he would have scored 6 points, and would have won the championship (which he lost to Lauda by .5 point)
As for your conspiracy theory, let me just say 1. it was the Monaco GP, not the French GP, 2. Blame Porsche if you want, since the race director was Jacky Ickx (a Belgian, not a Frenchman) who some people say called the race too early because he raced for Porsche (the famous Rothmans one). Porsche was the engine supplier for McLaren.

Fangio? Schumacher? Moss? Hill? And many, many, many more. Numerous racing classes aren’t even touched on. This list could go on for a long time. A similar question would be, what’s the best car ever made? LOL.

I like Jim Clark too. But that is Graham Hill is the photo. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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jake8697, I agree with you about Tony Stewart being tough racing at Indy then on to Charlotte for the CocaCola 600 the same day. But to answer your question about who else would do that, I believe Super Tex, AJ Foyt, in his prime, would have done it first except back then, the World 600 as it was known was run in the afternoon.

All these years, and now I know more. Like many sporting events, the worst vantage point from which to view is . . . to be there. Thanks for all the information; I’ll forever feel better about Prost’s win. The one point upon which I take issue is that Monaco, while not France, eats, speaks and thinks French. As for the race, it was a long way to travel for what turned out to be very little. All the best to you, sir!

How could you leave out Dale Earnhardt?