Your 6 favorite racing drivers

It seems that a few people responding here fail to understand that this is a popularity contest based on member’s input. There are no shortage of great drivers in the history of motorsports. Just because a driver wasn’t included in the list of 6 does not make them any less successful of a racer.

While I would not expect him to show up on a short list of all time favorites, the figure in the work of racing that I really admire is John Surtees. He won four Grand Prix (motorcycle racing) World Championships and later went on to win another World Championship in Formula 1 racing. Winning championships at the highest level of both motorcycle and automotive road racing is an accomplishment that likely won’t be repeated any time soon if at all.

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Brisca F1 stock car driver, the late-Stuart Smith. Go check him out, you’ll see what I mean.

Michael Schumacher! And this year Charles LeClerc.

Anybody who drive THE red car…is the best. I don’t care about drivers…just as long as Ferrari wins. It could be Andrea De Cesaris for all I care…

What about Jim Hall and the Chaparrals or Hap Sharp who drove for Jim Hall.

Lots of great ideas here, I don’t argue with any. Jim Hall and his Chaparrals were much like Dan Gurney, the results are still being used today.

Mark Donahue anyone? Fearless Indy 500 wonder, Can Am, Trans Am dominator and F1 fierce competitor. AND one heck of an engineer.

Schumacher was a bus driver who talent-wise would need to stand on his mother’s shoulders just to see Clark’s…let alone kiss it;

Gurney was notoriously lead-footed and was known to beat up machinery with his driving style, which was why he only won one GP with his superior Eagle and another with Porsche years earlier;

Senna, though supremely gifted, was a gambler much like Hunt and the guy who caused the ‘55 Le Mans disaster and later beat Moss by 1 point for a title;

better overall drivers were Moss, Stewart, Rindt, Fangio, Lauda;

Hahaha VERY true: The worst place to be to actually follow an event is at the race. It’s more than made up by all the rest, especially for motor racing. I went to the Monaco GP in 2001 or 2002, and more than the race, I remember engine sounds reverberating around all the high-rise buildings as I walked down from the train station to the track.