Your brand-new 1966-77 Ford Bronco has arrived


Vintage trucks and SUVs are hot right now. Prices have been climbing for years, with first-generation Ford Broncos leading the charge. Top dollar is being paid for good original sheetmetal, but reproduction companies have recently jumped into the action by creating a catalog of enough parts vast enough to build a “new” 50-year-old Bronco. Now Gateway Bronco is taking it one step further and making fully-assembled first-generation Broncos just a few clicks away.

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I am honestly surprised that anyone would pay that much for their stuff. Yes, I have seen their work in person and it is nice, but is isn’t so mind blowingly nice work that I could understand paying that sort of cash. But someone has to be paying that much if they’re still in business.


@MisterTorgue - What I struggle with is having driven a first-gen Bronco (I think it was a six-cylinder, but not sure), the last thing I thought it needed was more horsepower.

The Bronco sits plenty high, is not particularly tall or wide and suspension is tech from the '60s. A “base” Coyote 5.0 puts out 460hp. I just don’t see that being enjoyable to drive, plenty of fun to pop the hood and talk about, but not to drive.