Your definitive 1964–67 Pontiac GTO buyer’s guide


It’s been nine years since a conference room full of non-car guys killed Pontiac. Some say it was cold-blooded murder. A mob-style execution. That the double-breasted spreadsheets running General Motors at the time pulled the trigger, blew Pontiac’s brains all over the wall, and then went out for steak.

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I agree, Pontiac’s demise was a GM corporate sponsored hit. The author should go into hiding, sounds like he was there and I think GM will want to clean up their mess…


Nice article. The 2 speed automatic was not a Powerglide but a Super Turbine 300. 2 speed unit…

The only interchangeable parts are the fluid…


GM brass over the years were criminal the way they treated Pontiac. No appreciation for all the $$$ that the brand earned for them. GTO’s were the classicist and best looking American cars up to 1970. I miss them greatly.


I agree that non-car guys killed Pontiac. When the brand started to name their cars by the number of engine cylinders, i.e. G6 and G8, instead of a proper name, that showed their declining interest in saving the brand. Also, the most popular brand with consumers before that naming faux pas among Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac was Pontiac. But, the beancounters claimed that the Buick brand was more popular overseas, specifically in China.
So, we are stuck with Buick which, along with Oldsmobile had a long reputation in the U.S. as an “old man’s car”, not a performance vehicle.
Add to that the horrifically-styled Aztec and GM buried the brand.
On another front, perhaps GM wanted to be politically correct and avoid upsetting American Indians by killing off the Pontiac (named for an Indian Chief) brand. PC run amuck.
All in all, Corporate Ineptitude at one of its lowest moments.


I have a 1965 G.T.O. with papers, but would like to know how rare it is. It is a hardtop, It has power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, automatic floor shift, power windows (don’t see that much on a GTO) 389 4 barrel carb. Pontiac AM-FM push button radio. where might I get information on the options and how many were produced like my G.T.O. ??


I highly recommend contacting Pontiac Historical Services (PHS). If anyone has a numbers breakdown that goes that granular, it would be them.



Thank you very much I will do some more digging. It just seems like it was an old Guy who wanted all the comfort of Pontiac but wanted them in the GTO.!!