Your definitive 1967–72 Chevrolet C/K pickup buyer’s guide


Trucks are the often-overlooked gateway into classic car ownership, and while interest may have started to pick up over the past five years or so, there are still a number of affordable options out there that have been largely ignored by the auction crowd.

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I have 2 trucks you never see. I had a 68 Chevy in the early 80’s but did not know how rare they were. We’re talking C-30 /1-ton / Stepside with a 9-foot bed. Longer than a Longhorn
(8-1/2’ bed). I have a 72 Chevy (total production 1532 & last year) and a 68 Jimmy-C. (total production less than 900).
These were Utility trucks, marketed to farmers for hauling animals, longer bed, wood floors, 1-ton suspension. Also Road crews for gravel, &

asphalt for ease of unloading, no fenderwells.
My 72 Chevy, has 1 350, granny-tranny 4-speed, Power brakes and aftermarket A/C. The Jimmy, has an original 305 V-6, 4-speed, no power assist. These trucks did not come with rear shocks from the factory. Anyway, thought I’d share my “Tons 'o Fun”


Great article on the Chevy trucks. My truck collection is focused on the sixties trucks. In the day my father purchased a new 67 Mercury. The neighbors got a new Dodge and I convinced him to check the 352 box. It was king of the hill at the time and I had some fun proving it during high school. But when those small block Chevy’s started showing up the reign was over. I had to go to a 4 barrel intake. While my 67 Chevy fleetside is sweet it still has the hand parking brake and those coil springs would bounce all over as the shock absorbers wore out in the day. The Merc has HD suspension but that I beam was hard on tires and so was the 352! My dad was noticing the wear at 7000 miles. My 67 has the factory speedminder and was bought new in California. The 65 IHC Bonus box with 7 foot bed is a nice performer with the big block 266 (oxymoron) but it has a foot brake pedal and slider heater controls the 1000 series has the torsion bar front suspension and rear leafs and after winding it down about 3 inches it has an awesome ride. The 67 Dodge has the shortest turning radius and coolest engine turned aluminum dash but the suspension is horse and buggy. The 1965 Jeep Gladiator Townside with the last of the Kaiser overhead six is the sweetest running six ul find with nice torque and road gear(2 wheel drive). Considering a Studebaker but can’t get my head around the mismatched cab to box styling!
At any rate the article is spot on for info and accuracy. The glove box ticket is a serious piece of provenance for original trucks and I wish my 67 had that to confirm the speedminder option. Any clues on the history of this option for 67 much appreciated.


I have always been a lover of the C/K series of pickup. I have a 1968 Panel truck I bought in Marietta, Georgia years ago. I recently had the body redone and it came out beautifully.



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I have two 1972 Chevy trucks. A LWB Custom/Deluxe with a 350 under the hood. It has a Vintage Air system on it. It was built because my first car was a hand-me-down from my dad that was similar. I also has a Cheyenne Super with a 454 in it. It still has R-12 in it. Anyway they are my babies that I won’t sell. I have a very nice 1975 Trans Am that I would sell if that tells you anything. I love these trucks!!b11 b12|640x478 LWB%201972 lb


I purchased this '72 C20 pickup in 1984 to pull my car trailer. It had a long stepside box with utility compartments bolted on where the rear fenders had been.It had a generic 350 V8,a 350 automatic,and a Dana rear end with 4:10 gears.At one point in it’s life it hauled a big slide in camper,thus the already ample rear leaf springs had extra leaves installed.
It was fully restored cosmetically in 1988,with a southern fleetside box and more upscale trim. Over the years a specially built 400 SB 4 bolt main engine with an RV cam for more torque was added,as well as 3:73 differential gears to replace the stump pulling 4:10s…Two years ago the 350 transmission was replaced with a 700R4, giving it not only overdrive,but a lower first gear for starting off with the trailer.
It works well for go,show,and tow.


The above '72 C20 as purchased.


Ah it is a beauty. I had one in the '80s when I ran a small glass shop in MI. My kids called it “The Beast”. I could pull up real close to the front of a cab over semi, step on the front bumper, then on the rigid point down the center of the hood, and up onto the roof. The perfect height to R & R those cab over windshields.

I still miss that truck!



All very beautiful trucks!
Here is my 1969 C20 Longhorn

46000 miles, original paint and interior 350/TH400, HD Front disc


Your 1T long narrow box is a rare truck. However it’s like a Corvette with the rare three speed. No one wanted them then and it’s not any different now. Not any different with the 1T, unless of course you want to haul cattle!


I recently purchased a 1970 GMC 1500 longbed stepside 4WD with 292 6cyl 4speed it has chrome grille ,front bumper,painted rear step bumper,HD cooling,P/S,guages,hand choke ,and 3.73 posi rear,steel wheels and small hub caps.