Your Definitive 1994-1996 Impala SS Buyers Guide


In retrospect, it wasn’t a good idea. It was brilliant. A stroke of genius. Looking back it’s amazing the 1994 Impala SS ever happened.

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I have had a 94 ss and cloned 2 in white and now have a 95 so carolina squad car what fun cars to drive and enjoy . i sold and still do sell chevy’s and i used to take customer out for a ride and stand on the ss’s worked every time We’ll take was always the answer. jack h wisc


It should also be noted that the Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac Fleetwood are sisters to these cars and that the Cadillac Fleetwood with the V4P option was essentially an Impala SS in Fleetwood clothing. My Cadillac came with this option which included HD suspension, HD cooling, HD transmission, and a 3:42 rear axle ratio. It may be the best American car I’ve ever owned. I won’t trade it for anything!
Any “standard” versions of these sedans can take the Impala SS sway bars(the wagons can take the front bar only); add a set of HD KYB Gas-a-just shocks and these cars will handle VERY well!


There is a company, Three Pedals in Sterling Virginia, that makes six speed conversion kits for the B-bodies. They do some impressive work that makes these cars a blast! threepedals.com.


I love my '96 DGGM, gonna hit 300k next month, still a Daily Driver !


The wx3 tag

below the cal next to hood Hinge on driver I believe is only on caprices from 91-94 and the 94 Impala ss and then in 95” they moved it lower and on passenger side making it hidden


I have owned my 96 Impalass for over 20 years. I have lightly modified it to my likings. Cannot say enough about it. Still turns heads.


I fondly remember seeing the IMPALA SHOW CAR in Baltimore in late 1993. Went home called my friend @ Chevy dealer and was told he didn’t know when or how much BUT he was told they’d initially be allocated based upon Capride Claasic sales and his dealership was a leader in their market.
Did the math and told him I’d give him a check for $10K BUT I wanted the right of first refusal on the first one he got. He said we have a deal. Couple months went by and I finally got the call. One just arrived and was being prepped. Told him to leave off the front license plate mount until I could look at. Went to the dealer, looked it over and gave him a check for the balance. Immediately left Baltimore for a road trip to Roanoke, VA. What a great first drive. Darn thing was really quick. Kept it for 6 years, about 80,000 miles, put a set of FLOW MASTERs and a K&N on it it. One of the all-time favorite cars I’ve owned.


After driving one, we came THIS close to ordering one late in the 1996 model year; most folks thought that window was closed, but it was not. I do wish we had. There were a very few left over into late calendar 1996, locally. There was also a Caprice with the 5.7 and towing package leftover; with a slightly lower axle ratio (if I recall correctly), it might have been a bit quicker than the SS, IF the Caprice could get the traction. Of course, one of the best features of the SS were those wheels (which the Caprice did not have). I always am sad today when I see an SS with non-stock wheels, which almost always do not look nearly as good.


Hit this today


I still have the '96 SS in DGGM that I purchased new in late '95. Has 1928 miles now, still factory condition, of course.


“I love it, I love it!” - Mrs REH


I have a 96 SS, only mod is the exhaust with 43K miles on it. Every spring I struggle with whether I want to sell or not. I put roughly 300 miles per year on it these days and with values creeping upward over the last few years, it makes it hard to let it go…