Your definitive Honda S2000 buyers guide


“The all-new HONDA S2000 is a 240 PS front-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seater roadster, clothed in a sleek, muscular body,” the initial press release stated, in May of 1999. “Aimed at the sports car purist, its traditional configuration is underpinned in true Honda style by innovative, race-bred technology that is guaranteed to stir the emotions of performance motoring enthusiasts everywhere.”

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The s2000 is the best honda ever made my neighbor bought a new one and never rev the engine past 4000 rpm. He told me his s2000 was not running well he ask me to drive it I did and I drove like my nissan 300zx which is red lining the s2000 I thought he was going to crap his pants he could not beleive how much power it produced we went back home and he never ask me to drive it again. alot of fun.


The F-series inline 4’s used in the S2000 are, like rotary engines, high strung engines that do need to be exorcised from time to time. To never rev it past 4k is defeating the entire point of the car lol. I cant imagine owning one and never hitting the VTEC cross-over.