Your definitive Honda S2000 buyers guide


“The all-new HONDA S2000 is a 240 PS front-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seater roadster, clothed in a sleek, muscular body,” the initial press release stated, in May of 1999. “Aimed at the sports car purist, its traditional configuration is underpinned in true Honda style by innovative, race-bred technology that is guaranteed to stir the emotions of performance motoring enthusiasts everywhere.”

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This article is very timely given the amount of attention these cars have been receiving lately. Please note that the horsepower ratings for the model year 2006+ S2000’s is 237 horsepower (not 137 horsepower as indicated). Also, OEM hardtops are currently selling for closer to $4K (as opposed to $2500 as indicated)…

My only request would be for Hagerty to update their S2000 valuation tool as soon as possible in accordance with this article so that the 2004+ (AP2) S2000s (including the CR models) are all covered going forward. Thanks!.